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Nilitis SR

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Healthy Joint Support

Nilitis SR is a sustained release, clinically evaluated composition containing phytoactives that are well recognized in the management of inflammation and pain. The potent phytoactives naturally support the management of pain and discomfort, without undesirable side effects.

An effective way of managing healthy joints is by supporting healthy inflammatory response in joints by keeping levels of inflammatory compounds down and protecting against joint damage through antioxidant activity. The active ingredients present in Nilitis SR, work together to provide full spectrum joint support.

Inflammation and pain are triggered by a combination of several factors at the cellular level which in turn leads to loss in connective tissue that cushions the joints, causing friction and pain. Curcumin C3 Complex, Boswellin Ginger extract and BioPerine work synergistically to make Nilitis SR a potent formulation to provide maximum joint relief by targetting each one of the causative mechanisms.

Sustained release contributes to a better absorption of the nutrients as they are metabolized even as they release slowly over a period of time. It also ensures that the nutrients are released and absorbed in efficacious amounts over time, to support managing inflammation and pain all through the day.

Clinical studies report that significant decrease in pain was observed on consumption of Nilitis with no adverse effects. Nilitis SR is a proven safe and effective formulation to alleviate pain for those with limited musculoskeletal motion.

Nilitis SR is an effective natural supplement that supports:

  • Delivers effective pain relief
  • Targets joints and aids mobility
  • Provides relief from swelling of painful joints
  • Helps maintain joint health

One Capsule twice a day (Moring and Evening, after meals )

Curcumin C3 Complex: Curcumin C3 Complex is a standardized extract obtained Curcumin C3 Complex obtained from the dried roots and rhizomes of Curcuma longa is standardized to contain 95% Curcuminoids. Curcuminoids reduce pain and inflammation by inhibiting NF-kB. Several studies conducted using Curcumin C3 Complex® shows positive results in management of osteoarthritis.

Boswellin: Boswellin is a standardized powdered extract from the Gum resin exudates from Boswellia serrata tree. Boswellia serrata has anti-inflammatory action much like conventional non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs but safer than NSAIDs. Boswellia extract is clinically proven safe and effective in the management of Arthritic conditions.

Ginger SCF Extract: Ginger extract obtained from the dried rhizomes of Zingiber officinale helps reduce inflammation by inhibiting prostaglandin biosynthesis, specifically COX-1 and COX-2. It also suppresses the immune system’s production of pro-inflammatory cytokines and chemokines, reducing disease severity in patients with rheumatoid arthritis.

*BioPerine: BioPerine is obtained from the dried fruits of Piper nigrum(black pepper) and is standardized for Piperine. BioPerine has been used as a bioavailability enhancer for over 15 years. BioPerine may be co-administered with various nutrients to enhance their bioavailability. In general, BioPerine was found to enhance bioavailability of nutrients by at least 30%.

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